After completing any of the basic ORCA courses, you can now get a personal training program. We do not write programs for those who have never trained in freediving.

INDOOR FREEDIVING all about freediving indoor

OUTDOOR FREEDIVING all about freediving outdoor

ALL FREEDIVING all essential information about freediving

If you have not studied at our school, but have a certificate of any international education system and want to receive a training program, please contact us.

Why do you need your program?

  • You will be able to train on your own
  • You will know what to do in your workout
  • The program will be developed taking into account your requirements and preferences
  • You will achieve the result you want from training faster
Part of individual training program for two weeks

What do you get with training program?

  • Analysis of technique selection of exercises
  • Detailed description of the progress of work on the program
  • Explanations of all abbreviations
  • Support for questions about the program