After completing any of the basic courses of the ORCA school, you can now receive a certificate of the international Molchanovs system.

INDOOR FREEDIVING all about freediving indoor

OUTDOOR FREEDIVING all about freediving outdoor

ALL FREEDIVING all essential information about freediving

What does the Molchanovs certificate give?

  • This is a certificate of the international training system for freediving
  • With it you can rent freediving equipment
  • You can continue training at any time with any Molchanovs instructor and improve your qualifications
  • You will become part of the molchanovs community, get access to the dashboard system
  • You will get access to the system of weekly workouts WOW (workout of the week)

What do you need to do to get Molchanovs certificate?

Theoretical tasks

  1. Pass the theoretical exam of the course on the ORCA school platform

The exam on the platform of our school corresponds to the content of the Molchanovs system exam. In order to pass the theoretical part, you need to get a passing score on the school exam and send us your certificate.

2. Introduction to Frenzel equalization method

Understand the principle of pressure compensation using the Frenzel method

3. Familiarity with basic training

Familiarity with the basic training and principles of the Molchanovs community. After certification, you will have access to weekly workouts that the system provides.

4. Register on Molchanovs website

Practical tasks (by video)

Relaxation techniques

Demonstrate relaxation techniques (dry)

One full inhale

Be able to take one full breath (inhale before diving)

Afterdive breathing

Be able to correctly perform restorative breathing

STA 2:00

Demonstrate holding your breath (dry) for 2 minutes