Spearfishing is a breath-holding hunt for underwater inhabitants.

This type of activity is very versatile.

Spearfishing is of great cultural and naturalistic significance – with the help of this activity, a person learns the ocean and lives with it according to the same rules. The hunter’s attention is directed not only to potential prey, but also to the surrounding plants and underwater inhabitants.

In addition, spearfishing is a huge layer of knowledge not only about the human body, but also about the ocean, its inhabitants and laws. To hunt effectively, you need to take into account the behavioral characteristics of potential prey, the characteristics of the water: ebb and flow, currents, temperature, transparency, the hunter must also assume changes in conditions and know how to act in a particular situation.

It’s adventure, play and instinct. It is a victory over an animal in its native environment with the help of weapons and selective methods. This victory is always won naturally thanks to the skill, intelligence and instinct of the hunter. This is the meaning of this sport. The underwater hunter will always value more small, difficult prey, obtained with diligence through skill, timely decisions and instinct, than large, but effortlessly caught.

Spearfishing is an environmentally friendly activity that can develop further without harming the environment. This is proved by the small amount of fish caught.

Spearfishing has an ancient history with an extremely practical purpose – the very first people who lived near the shores of water bodies fed themselves using seafood. And today spearfishing is of great practical importance for the people who practice it. However, it is already easier for a modern person to “get” food, since it can be bought. Today it has turned into a trophy hunt. It is not enough for an enthusiastic hunter to catch prey, this prey must be worthy of catching it.

Despite all the magic and attractiveness of spearfishing, it remains an extreme activity. Underwater hunters have a lot of specific safety rules and, of course, every underwater hunter should have knowledge of correct and safe diving with breath holding. A hunter can get this knowledge on a basic online course on diving with breath holding.