Thanks to high school, my wife and I were able to master the basic basics of freediving without leaving home. This is a very significant factor for us, since leaving a one-year-old son with grandparents is an hour less while we go to practice in another city.

In the course itself, you ran to the technologies that I dreamed of getting my first higher education. For me, it is the repetition of the material that plays a key role in mastering something. You have implemented a gorgeous thing – the shortest way from an error in the verification test to the right time in a video tutorial. This eliminates the time for an independent search for the desired paragraph, and this saved time is the most valuable resource of a freediver and not only))) – Another plus is short video clips. The focus of attention does not have time to go to the side and the material is assimilated easily and naturally.

In general, everything is consistent and logical. No incomprehensible information. In practice, we felt confident and conscious.