Irina Valentovich

Thank you very much! very detailed and complete studying, the material is presented in an understandable form, special thanks for the checklists!

Evgeny Zavadsky

Thanks. Information is presented in a very informative and accessible way.

Eva Orlovskaya

Everything is very clear and easy. The information is explained in a very interesting way About INDOOR FREEDIVING

Olga Filippova

I am very grateful for the course! I discovered a new world for myself! Information is presented in a convenient format – short lessons in various forms, from videos to…

Victoria Romanova

I liked the course very much! Everything is detailed, consistent and concise, and putting everything into practice gives excellent results!) About INDOOR FREEDIVING

Vadim Krukovich

A very concise presentation of the material, which, together with the repetition of important topics, pictures and video tutorials, contributes to quick memorization.Thank you for contributing to an increase in…

Alexey Shatrov

The course is excellent 🙂 it’s great that almost everything can be viewed at a speed of 1.5 🙂 significantly saves time 🙂 Thank you! About INDOOR FREEDIVING

Daria Arkhipova

Thank you for the excellently prepared materials for the course. Especially – for the video with the analysis of swimming techniques, they are very well filmed!


Thanks to high school, my wife and I were able to master the basic basics of freediving without leaving home. This is a very significant factor for us, since leaving…


Full delight !!! I have ceased to be afraid of depth. I can enjoy being underwater.