At ORCA school, we know that learning should be fun, engaging and effective. Otherwise, why is this all?

Freediving is an extreme activity and we want to make sure that the material we give is clear, relevant and complete.

Therefore, we paid great attention to the creation of educational material and to its presentation. Having extensive experience in education in different countries and formats, we have created our own unique and ultra-modern teaching methodology, which we can safely brag about!

How exactly is our method different?

No timetable and schedule

Courses are listed on the platform and are available to learners at any time

No restrictions

Course materials will be available to students after passing

Up-to-date and verified information

The vast majority of the ORCA team are freedivers and spearfishers with great experience. We know exactly what we are writing about and talking about. We are constantly looking for and applying new knowledge and methods in order to select what really works and give it to our students

Non-boring learning

We know that when information is presented in only one way (text, presentation, audio, video, etc.), it quickly gets boring and the person loses concentration. To make the learning process at school varied and interesting, we provide information in six different forms, which are constantly alternating. In this way, we ensure high digestibility of the material and an engaging learning process!

Automatic control of knowledge

The most important priority of our school is the safety and mindfulness of diving. We want to make sure that you have mastered the material and are ready to learn new ones. On the way to the course, you will encounter intermediate and final tests. After each lesson, you will need to take a test to confirm that you have mastered the material. Until you pass the test, you will not be able to proceed to the next lesson. This way we can ensure that you are ready for new information.

Additional materials so you don’t forget anything

After each lesson, you will receive a checklist in which all the most important points that you need to know will be recorded. These checklists will stay with you forever and by referring to them you can quickly recall the material covered.

Updated courses

Despite the fact that freediving is a very ancient activity, the knowledge of how to dive correctly is constantly being updated. And with them our courses are also updated. We will keep you informed of important updates and you can refer to updated courses at any time.

Nothing excess

We know that time is an important resource and we do not like to waste other people’s time on unnecessary information. Therefore, all the information in the course is structured and given as succinctly and clearly as possible.