The story

If in 2018 someone told me that I can teach freediving online, I would laugh and say that it is impossible.

The decision to create such a school matured when I got acquainted with spearfishing and found out that many people do not have the opportunity to learn from instructors simply because they are not nearby. There are also those who do not have the time or money to take a full-time course. But they dive anyway, get injured and sometimes say goodbye to life because they don’t know how to dive properly.

First of all, I create this school so that every person has the opportunity to receive the highest quality and most relevant information about freediving. For this we have made three basic courses: INDOOR FREEDIVING, OUTDOOR FREEDIVING and ALL FREEDIVING. They will tell you about freediving indoor and in open water.

Over time, the school acquired refresher courses. Now here you can learn all about safety when organizing training, how to increase breath holding, how to keep fit or how to apply relaxation and meditation practices in freediving and life. For this, the personal presence of the instructor is not necessary, because the main thing we give is information. In fact, these are master classes with high-level experts online. Anytime, anywhere. Now refresher courses is available only in Russian, but we work for translate it in English.

Of course, I create and continue to raise the school not alone – it is made by a large number of people who are professionals not only in their field, but also excellent freedivers.

ORCA school was made by freedivers for freedivers with all responsibility and love

Olga Markina,
Mastermind and CEO of ORCA Online School

Whats inside?

Basic online freediving courses for anyone who wanted to learn how to freedive or is already freediving or hunting underwater, but wants to know more about it.

We are constantly developing. In the near future, special courses will appear on our platform that will analyze certain aspects and techniques of diving in more detail, not only in Russian, but also in English!


We are very passionate freediving people. Almost everyone involved in the creation and operation of this school is experienced freedivers. We try to never forget that the top priority of the school is the safety of freediving.

Also, the availability and relevance of information about diving and a form of presentation that will not make you bored will always remain important for us.




The school does not use a webinar teaching system. This means that you have access to a course that is independent of time and date. You don’t have to adjust to your schedule or watch boring webinars on tape. There is no need to wait for the start date of the next “wave” of the course. You get access to an interactive online platform with information presented in various forms. Anytime, anywhere.



We’re online too. You can ask a question after completing the course or write to us anytime. We will definitely answer if something is not clear.



After completing the course, you probably won’t want to stop there. We already know for sure! You can get a certificate of the international Molchanovs system and continue training with instructors around the world, you can also get a personal training program.