Olga Markina

Instructor of international freediving training systems MOLCHANOVS, CMAS and AIDA for children and adults using training in pool  and open water.

Multiple winner and medalist of All-Russian international competitions, champion of Russia in freediving – 2020.

National record holder for monofin depth and split fins deep diving.

Member of the Russian national underwater sports team 2018-2021.

International Master of Sports  in underwater sports.

AIDA judge of international category E.

Member of the Russian Freediving Federation Board

Member of the Sports Committee of the Russian Freediving Federation

The mastermind and director of the ORCA school.



Ольга Маркина

Personal bests


Static breath holding (STA) 5’58 ”

Freediving with classic fins (DYN-BF) 146m

Freediving with fins (DYN) 167m

Freediving without fins (DNF) 89m

Open water

Freediving with classic fins (CWT-BF) 71m

Freediving with fins (CWT) 82m

Freediving with hands on a cable (FIM) 62m

Freediving without fins (DNF) 38m

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